YCS London 2017 Award Ceremony

We’ve gone a long way to get here. YCS London 2017 is in the books! After 11 rounds of Swiss and 5 more Knock-Out rounds we have a new YCS winner: Jesse Kotton came all the way from Canada to take part in YCS London. He had a test run at YCS Dallas and completed his mission here in London. Here are the pictures from the award ceremony.

Jesse Kotton came all the way from Canada to play at YCS London and make best use of the experience he gathered at YCS Dallas. In Dallas he lost at the bubble not making it into Top 32. This time he rode to victory piloting his SPYRAL deck all the way to the top! Using an interesting Side Board plan he outwitted his opponents into bad card choices.

[b]Top 4 of YCS London[/b]
Top 4 YCS London
Jonas Koschel
Coming in 4th place is Jonas Koschel from Germany.[abstand]
JY Sharif
In third place we have the World Championship competitior from the UK JY Sharif.[abstand]

Tim Cox Runner Up
YCS London 2017 runner-up is Tim Cox from the UK. He also placed second at the LLDS.[abstand]

Jesse Kotton Winner
YCS London 2017 Winner: Jesse Kotton from Canada.

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