YCS London 2017: Day 1 Deck & Country Breakdown

28.10.2017 | 17:21 |

A crucial part of our written coverage are statistics and metagame breakdowns. We are very well aware that you guys out there are keen on finding out where Duelists are coming from and what they playing here in London. Here are the numbers for London!

Country Breakdown Day 1


I guess it is no surprise to anyone of you: more than half of Duelists here in London are from the United Kingdom. Yu-Gi-Oh! is big in the UK and numbers are growing each year. Runner-up is Germany, as always and coming in third place is Italy.


Deck Breakdown Day 1


Deck-wise SPYRALS are all over the place, followed by Trickstar and Pendulum Magicians. Then there is Invoked and ABC also making a showing here in London.