YCS London 2017: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

29.10.2017 | 10:31 |

Numbers are dwindling after Day 1. The best 315 Duelists came back to keep their chances of topping YCS London alive. Check out our Deck & Country Breakdown for Day 2!

Day 2 Country Breakdown
The UK is still doing great with more than one third of Duelists making the best of their home-turf advantage. Germany and Italy are not far behind with 57 and 46 Duelists respectively. The rest of the field is almost equal with around 10 Duelists from each country like France, Sweden and the Netherlands.


Day 2 Deck Breakdown
The Deck Breakdown is of no surprise. SPYRALS maintained their dominant position with a conversion rate of almost 31%. Trickstar and Pendulum Magician maintained their ratios with 28% and 27%. Infernoid seems to be doing surprisingly well. There are 7 Duelists still in the tournament.