YCS London 2017: Top 32 Deck & Country Breakdown

29.10.2017 | 15:32 |

We have finally reached the Knock-Out Rounds of YCS London. The Top 32 graphs are significant as they show how the field was trimmed down in the course of the event and which Decks were able to stay on top. Here are the Top 32 players by Deck as well as by country.


Top 32 Country Breakdown
Wow, Italy took YCS London by storm! Out of the 100 Italian Duelists that entered the Main Event 9 managed to finish in Top 32. That’s the best conversion rate of all countries. Italy and the UK go into the Top 32 head to head. Coming in third is Germany getting 4 Duelists into the Top 32. The graph shows a very diverse field from all over Europe. There is one Canadian player and one from New Zealand in Top 32 as well.


Top 32 Deck Breakdown
Deck-wise we the metagame is very similar to YCS Dallas. 27 out of the 32 Duelists in Top 32 are relying on SPYRALS as their Deck of choice. Pendulum Magician is currently the second best Deck while Invoked and Burning Abyss stood their ground.