YCS London 2018: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

28.10.2018 | 9:45 |

We are back for Day 2 of YCS London 2018. The best 358 Duelists of Saturday are allowed to proceed and keep on playing in Day 2 of YCS London. Take a look at the metagame breakdown of the remaining Duelists.


2018 london Deck day 2
Sky Striker is still on top. Out off the 278 Decks that entered the Main Event, 97 are left in Day 2. That’s a pretty good conversion rate of 35%! Thunder Dragons moved up to second place with 49 Decks still in the Main Event accounting for a 36,5% conversion rate. Altergeist is third with 46 out off 138. For the first time Danger! Dark World is showing up in our stats tool. 20 Duelists are relying on this particular Deck.


2018 london country day 2
The UK is still in the lead, but numbers got crushed! Out off the 948 Duelists that entered the Main Event, only 137 are left. There were a lot of Duelists from the UK that entered the Main Event just for the fun of it and to be part of the whole YCS experience. Germany is still second with 63 Duelists and Italy is third. Italy has a conversion rate of 50,5%!