YCS London 2018: Deck & Country Breakdown

27.10.2018 | 14:26 |

YCS London 2018 is the biggest UK event ever. For the 4th time in a row we set a new attendance record for our YCS series. After YCS Bochum, the WCQ Berlin and the 200th YCS in Utrecht London put the bar even higher for future events.


Deck Day 1
Sky Striker is – as expected – the most represented Deck at YCS London. The archetype amounts to roughly 280 Decks. Altergeist, Thunder Dragons and Burning Abyss are almost on par with 130 Decks each. It is noteworthy that Burning Abyss doesn’t want to leave. The Deck is part of the metagame since 2014. That’s the longest streak that I know of. True Draco is still viable here with almost 80 Duelists relying on this proven strategy.


Country Day 1
Almost 950 Duelists from the UK entered YCS London! That’s even more than we had at UK nationals. What a huge success for this event. Coming in second place is Germany with more than 200 Duelists in the Main Event. On third place there is Italy with almost 100 Duelists. The big three countries account for 75% of the whole field!