YCS London 2019: Award Ceremony

29.10.2019 | 18:37 |
Another YCS London is in the books! For the fifth time in seven years, London hosted a YCS as part of the MCM Comic Con. The convention is what makes YCS London so special. More than 150.000 visitors get to see the event and get the chance to collect impressions of a YCS. Participants of the YCS also get free entry to the Comic con, so basically you get two events for a regular YCS entrance fee! In the end, it was Pascal Kihm who managed to take home his 1st YCS title. Not only did he beat the great Joshua Schmidt in the finals, he pulled this off with a Deck that many presumed dead: Sky Striker. He chose to bring a unique interpretation of this archetype with a lot more pink cards than usual. He felt like his trap line-up made all the difference. Runner-up Joshua Schmidt already has numerous YCS Top 8s under his belt and proofed, yet again, his great understanding of the game. No matter which format, no matter which Deck, he is always a safe bet for Top 8. In third place is Dinh Kang Pham who decided to bring Orcust 2nd to the table. The biggest surprise of YCS London was Tom Kleinegräbner who brought Infernoid to London. He felt like it was a strong metacall for this event. The Top 4 of YCS London were only German Duelists making a strong statement for their home country. Congratulations to all our Top 4 Duelists! Enjoy your prizes and we will see in Milan for the last and final YCS of 2019!


YCS London 2019 Top 4YCS London 2019 Top 4 Duelists


Tom Kleinegräber4th place: Tom Kleinegräber from Germany


Dinh Khang Pham3rd place: Dinh Khang Pham from Germany


Joshua SchmidtRunner-Up: Joshua Schmidt from Germany


Pascal KihmWinner of YCS London 2019: Pascal Kihm from Germany


Congratulations to all the winners of YCS London 2019 and we hope to see you all again at YCS Milan.