YCS London 2019: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

27.10.2019 | 10:17 |
We are back for Day 2 of YCS London 2019. The best 452 Duelists of Saturday are allowed to proceed and keep on playing in Day 2 of YCS London. Take a look at the metagame breakdown of the remaining Duelists.


Day 2 Deck Breakdown


The top 3 Decks haven't changed for Day 2 of YCS London. Orcust is still on top with 92 Duelists piloting the Deck. Their conversion rate amounts to an amazing 39%. Thunder Dragon fell a little bit behind. Only 30% made it into Day 2. Salamangreat is in third place. Out of 167 Duelists 56 made it into Day 2 (33,5%). Out of all the top Decks, Sky Striker lost most of its Duelists. Only 24,4% made it into Day. That's still a pretty solid conversion rate, but compared to its previous rates, it's a lot worse. The breakthrough Deck of this weekend seems to be Lunalight Orcust with 29 out of 81 Duelists (35,8%) making it into Day 2.


Day 2 Country Breakdown


Positions haven't changed in our country breakdown, but ratios did! The UK is still in the lead, but of over 1.000 Duelistes there are only 144 remaining. In second place is Germany with 74 Duelists in the Main Event. That's a pretty good conversion rate of 31%. France did even better: out of 142 Duelists that entered 49 are still in. That's 34,5%. Italy managed to put 41 Duelists in Day 2: that's 40% overall. Greece made the biggest leap forward. Out of only 39 Duelists that came to London to play in the Main Event, 18 made into Day 2. Their conversion rate amounts to 46,2%!