YCS London 2019: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

26.10.2019 | 15:18 |
YCS London 2019 turned out to be the biggest YCS ever in the UK. Almost 1.900 Duelists entered the Main Event and it could have been even more if it wasn't for the cap. Want to find out what Duelists are running for London? Read on to find out!


Overall Country Breakdown


I guess it is no surprise to anyone of you: more than a thousand Duelists here in London are from the United Kingdom. Yu-Gi-Oh! is big in the UK and numbers are growing each year. Runner-up is Germany with 239 Duelists in competition today. Coming in third is not Italy, which is fourth, but France. That's another strong showing of once a successful country in Yu-Gi-Oh!.


Overall Deck Breakdown


Wow, what a format? Even though Orcust is slightly in the lead, the overall numbers show that we don't have a real metagame yet. Orcust and Thunder Dragon seem to be the favourite choice for London. Salamangreat made a huge leap forward and are now in third place. Sky Striker are still a viable Deck, even though their numbers are dwindling. True Draco is surprisingly strong for London. We'll see how the field will pan out for this weekend. Stay tuned!