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28.10.2014 | 21:33 |
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Here you will find all of the content (both video and written) that we produced while covering Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London. Follow the links below and enjoy!

Video Content:

Commentators Feature Matches: Final Top 4 Top 8 Top 16 Top 32 - Round 11 Round 10 Round 9 Round 8 Round 7 Round 6 Round 5 Round 4 Round 3 Round 2 Round 1
Spotlight Segments: YCS London: Awards Ceremony YCS London: Event Impressions YCS Madrid: Event Impressions UK Events Trailer Patrik Rieder Interview Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG at MCM Comic Con London Judging at a YCS Organised Play Discussion YCS Prize Focus Merchandise at a YCS Geargia Rampage Deck Analysis Legendary Collection 5D's Box Opening YCS London Event Preview

Written Content:

Player Pairings & Standings: Final Standings Final Matchup Top 4 Top 8 Top 16 - Round 11 Round 10 Round 9 Round 8 Round 7 Round 6 Round 5 Round 4 Round 3 Round 2 Round 1
News Welcome to Day 2 of YCS London Exclusive Reveal: The YCS Sydney Game Mat! Exclusive Reveal: The Ordeal of a Traveler Game Mat! Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London!
Pre-Event Content Get ready for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London! YCS London – Information on how to Register YCS London – Show off your Deck to the World!
Deck Analysis: Callum Bilbe’s Spellbooks Daniel Laczko’s Shaddolls Joe McGee’s Noble Knights Luke Greenslade’s Synchron Deck
Duelist Profiles: Enzo Duval The Quinsee Brothers Ryan “Atlus” Jacobs Slovenian Duelists Sean Sullivan Austrian Players
Statistics: Top 32 Competitor Information Top 32 Deck Breakdown Day 2 Deck Breakdown Day 1 Deck Breakdown
Strategy Content: Tech Update Day 2 Top Tech Picks for YCS London Decks to expect at YCS London
Public Events: Public Events Playoff Winners Sunday’s Giant Card Winners We have a Dragon Duel winner! We have a Giant Card winner!
Other Updates: A look at the Action Top Tables in Round 9 Top Tables in Round 6 Top Tables in Round 3

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