YCS London – Coverage Overview

Thank you for following our live coverage of YCS London. Here are all of the articles posted over the course of the event, enjoy!

[b][u]News & Announcements:[/b][/u]
YCS London – Important details regarding Registration
Coming up… Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London
Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series London!
Coming up… the main event!
Welcome to Day 1 of YCS London!
YCS London – Coverage Page is back online!
Welcome to Day 2!
YCS London Awards Ceremony!

[br][b][u]Feature Matches:[/b][/u]
Round 1: Sergio Soldani (Inzektors) vs. Avril Wintle (Evols)
Round 2: Marcus Shearer (Agents) vs. Thilan Karunasekera (Blackwings)
Round 3: Ping Xiao (Dragon Ruler) vs. Elliott Branston (Dark World)
Round 4: Richard Thompson (Madolche) vs Craig Lyne (Karakuri)
Round 5: Niels Kühnberger (Dragon Ruler) vs Nathan Mills (Dragon Ruler)
Round 8: Alpay Engin (Dragon Ruler) vs Zdravko Kaishev (Evilswarm)
Round 9: Darren O’Mara (Dragunity) vs Connor Green (Mermail)
Round 10: Valerio Rozza (Dragon Ruler) vs Ricki Madsen (Spellbook)
Round 11: Oton Lau (Dragon Rules) vs Gabriele Castagnasso (Fire Fist)
Top 32: Aaron Henman (Dragon Ruler) vs Mirko Dolce (Hunders)
Top 16: Patrik Rieder (Dragon Rulers) vs Luke Smythe (Dragon Rulers)
Top 8: Michel Grüner (Dragon Ruler) vs Thierry Garcia (Evilswarm)
Semi-Finals: Alpay Engin (Dragon Rulers) vs Joshua Schmidt (Dragon Rulers)
Final Match: Alpay Engin (Dragon Ruler) vs Patrik Rieder (Dragon Ruler)

Round 3
Round 4
Round 7 (End of Day 1)
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10
Round 11 (End of Swiss)

[br][b][u]Playoff Pairings:[/b][/u]
Top 16
Top 8
Top 4

[br][b][u]Top Tables:[/b][/u]
Round 4
Round 8

[br][b][u]Picture Galleries:[/b][/u]
Registration has begun!
Saturday Registration: Away from the grey!
Inside MCM Comic Con: The Yu-Gi-Oh! Stand!
A Look Around The Venue
Inside MCM Comic Con: the Castlevania Stand!
Inside MCM Comic Con: The Konami Store!
Pictures from Round 8
A look at the action in Round 11!

[br][b][u]Deck Profiles:[/b][/u]
YCS London – Show off your Deck to the world!
Deck Profile: Marcus Shearer’s “Call Me Maybe?” Deck
Deck Feature: Richard Thompson’s Maldoche Madness Deck!
Deck Analysis: Sergio Soldani’s Inzektors

[br][b][u]Strategy Content:[/b][/u]
New on the block: Sixth Sense
Decks to expect at YCS London
Top Tech Picks for YCS London
Day 2 Deck and Duelist breakdowns of YCS London
Top 32 Deck and Duelist breakdowns of YCS London

[br][b][u]Duelist Profiles & Interviews:[/b][/u]
Cosplay Profile: Adriana the High Priestess
Duelist Profile: Vini Gardner

Top 8 Profiles

[br][b][u]Quick Questions:[/b][/u]
Quick Questions: What Deck Will Win YCS London?
Quick Questions: What’s the most ATK you’ve had on the field this weekend?

[br][b][u]Public Events:[/b][/u]
Public Events Roundup!
Giant Dueling with Giant Cards!
Home > Championships, YCS London > YCS London’s First Giant Card Winner!
YCS London’s First Giant Card Winner!

We have another ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner!
We have a winner at YCS Trial!
We have a winner at Dragon Duel!
Public Events Playoff Winners!

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