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Here are all of the articles posted for Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Madrid. Thank you for being a part of this event, whether you were playing or watching/reading from the comfort of your home. Please click here to re-watch all of the video content from this event.

See you next month for [ycs] London!

Welcome to YCS Madrid!
Welcome to Day 2!
Top Top 32 Decks and Duelists of YCS Madrid
Top 8 Profiles
Public Event Playoff Winners

[b][u]Feature Matches[/b][/u]
Round 1: Robert Woltag (Shaddoll) vs Alvaro Peña (Prophecy)
Round 3: Marco Sfameni (Batterymen) vs Nicolas Pirasteh (Tellarknights)
Round 5: Klevis Haskurti (Shaddoll) vs Alpay Engin (Shaddoll Artifact)
Round 7: Luigi Alici (Shaddoll Dragon) vs Carl Manigat (Shaddoll Dragon)
Round 8: Eugen Heidt (Shaddoll Artifact) vs Marco Mazzuoccolo (Tellarknight)
Top 32: Charly Ou (Bad Reaction Burn) vs Robin Bachofner (Shaddoll)
Top 8: Eugen Heidt (Shaddoll Artifact) vs Tom Paine (Shaddoll)

[b][u]Pairings & Standings[/b][/u]
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7 (End of Day 1)
Round 8
Round 9 (End of Swiss)
Top 16
Top 8
Top 4

Event Coverage: A Behind-the-Scenes look
Round 6
Round 9 (Top Tables)

[b][u]Deck & Duelist Profiles[/b][/u]
Marco Sfameni’s Batterymen
Paolo Pacchiana’s 54-card Burning Shaddolls
Kuwait Duelists Return!
YCS Trial Winner: Themistoklis Gkyzis

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