YCS Melbourne 2018: Day 2!

It’s day 2 here at YCS Melbourne and it’s been a whopper! We’ve played 8 rounds so far, and today there’s another two before we cut to top 32. Fan favourites and world championship competitors are still in contention for the win.

YCS Melbourne Room

Day 2 has started with just 128 players, and the meta is still diverse out there, take a look at the meta breakdown here:

Start of Day 2 Meta Breakdown

That’s one of the things we love about coming to Australia, and also why some players who come over here to play feel like they have to play a little bit harder. They can prepare for what they would expect to be the meta, but then see a Blue-Eyes or Rokket player take you down!

Watch the live coverage for all the dueling action, and stick around here for all the standings, meta breakdowns and a few pictures from the day!


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