YCS Milan 2018 Deck & Country Breakdown Day 2

09.12.2018 | 10:13 |
We are back for Day 2 of YCS Milan 2018. The best 451 Duelists of Saturday are allowed to proceed and keep on playing in Day 2 of YCS London. Take a look at the metagame breakdown of those remaining Duelists.


Deck Breakdown Day 2


Sky Striker is currently the Deck to beat. Out auf 451 Duelists 143 Sky Striker still remain in the field. That's rougly 32%. Coming in second place is Thunder Dragons amounting to 70 Decks (15%). In third place is Altergeist with 54 Decks. Compared to Day 1 ratios remain pretty much unchanged.


Country Breakdown Day 2


Italy is still in the lead with almost 200 Duelists remaining, even though overall numbers dwindled. Germany is second with 85 Duelists remaining and the United Kingdom is third. France is almost on par with the UK. With the exception of Italy the ratios remain pretty much unchanged.