YCS Milan 2018: Giant Card Winners

09.12.2018 | 17:07 |
Public Events are always a good chance to take home great prizes! If the Main Event didn't go too well for you, Public Events are a great chance to redeem yourself. This weekend we were giving out two Giant Cards. Here are the winners of YCS Milan 2018.


Name: Nico Schlierkamp Age: 19 Country: Germany How do you feel right now? Good! This is my third Giant Card and my second this year! The Main Event didn’t go all too good for me. I was playing Thunder Dragon and lost my Mirror Matches, because I didn’t see any monsters. I decided to siwthc Decks and run Sky Striker again. It’s more like a grindy Deck and that suits my playstyle. What Deck did play today? For the Public Events is decided to switch Decks and go with Sky Striker Going 2nd. It’s a more grindy Deck where you constantly battle for resources and that just suits my playstyle. Any last words? Shoutouts to Alfie, E-Man and Raid’n’Trade in Kahrlsruhe.


Guillaume Venier
Name: Guillaume Venier Age: 21 Country: Switzerland How do you feel right now? Good, it’s my second prize card in a row. I also won one in London only two months ago. I’m very happy with it. Everything worked out fine. What Deck did play today? I changed my Deck from Sky Striker to Thunder Dragon. A friend of mine showed me some new combos with it and I wanted to try it. It was a good choice and in hindsight I’m a bit sad that I didn’t run it for the Main Event. Any last words? Shoutouts to my Team Mountain Owls and to Dario, Jonathan, Oli and Eldin for the combo.