YCS Milan 2018: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

08.12.2018 | 14:10 |

YCS Milan 2018 is the biggest Italian Event so far! With 1.767 Duelists in competition today, we’ve set another attendance record. Thank you very much! Here is the overall Deck and Country Breakdown for YCS Milan 2018.

Deck Breakdown Day 1[abstand]
The most popular Deck at YCS Milan 2018 is Sky Striker. 361 Duelists chose to run the deck. 200 Duelists chose Thunder Dragon as their deck for Milan. To our big surprise Altergeist surpassed Burning Abyss as the third most popular deck. Trickstar are still staying strong with more than 120 Duelists in competition. Overall, it seems as if the new Forbidden & Limited List did a great job of diversifying the current metagame.
Country Breakdown Day 1[abstand]
Just as expected, Italy is in the lead. There are almost 800 Italian Duelists at YCS Milan. Coming in second is Germany with more than 200 and third is France with almost 150 Duelists in the Main Event. We haven’t had such a huge number of French Duelists in a long time. Honorable mention: Switzerland is almost on par with the United Kingdom. Greece is also pretty big with 56 Duelists and even Spain is showing up again.