YCS Milan 2018: Top 32 Deck & Country Breakdown

09.12.2018 | 16:08 |
We have finally reached the Knock-Out Rounds of YCS Milan 2018. Statistics are an important part of our coverage: the Top 32 graphs are significant as they show how the field was trimmed down in the course of the event and which Decks were able to stay on top. Here are the Top 32 players by Deck as well as by country.


Deck Breakdown Top 32 Sky Striker is still on top with 12 out of 32 Decks in the top cut. Thunder Dragon closed the gap and is second with 8 Decks in top 32. Coming in third place is Altergeist with 3. Dark Warrior leaped to fourth place and Danger! is still there as well. The suprise Deck of this weekend is Prank-Kids, which is under "Other".


Country Breakdown Top 32 Italy stays on top! Italian Duelists are at their best in their home-country. Germany is still second, but only by a narrow margin. France finally overtook the United Kingdom coming in third.