YCS Milan 2019: Award Ceremony

03.12.2019 | 8:58 |
YCS Milan, what a great way to wrap up 2019! After 11 Rounds of Swiss and 5 more Knock-Out Rounds we crowned the last YCS Champion of 2019: Andreas Vrellos from Greece piloted his Sky Striker Orcust Deck all the way to victory. Andreas is a very experienced player and we meet him at almost every YCS. He won YCS Rimini in 2015, so Italy seems to be good to him. In lack of Greek YCS this is as much home-court advantage as he can get. At the Top 8 Profile he told me that he didn’t find time to playtest a lot coming into this event. Funnily enough, he told me the same at Rimini 2015. Probably that’s the secret to success? In sports there is something similar called over-trained. However, Andreas is now a two-times YCS Champion proving that he can masterfully pilot different Decks in different formats to success. Congratulations from the whole team!


YCS Milan 2019 Top 4TOP 4 Duelists YCS Milan 2019


4th: Niall McNulty4th place: Niall McNulty from the UK


3rd place: Lorenzo Muselli3rd place: Lorenzo Muselli from Italy


Runner-Up Maximilien DelvalRunner-Up: Maximilien Delval from France


Winner Andreas VrellosWinner of YCS Milan 2019: Andreas Vrellos from Greece


2019 was an exciting year and record-breaking year. We started off strong with YCS Dusseldorf that could have been the biggest YCS ever in Europe, if we had enough space. We had to split the event into two separate YCS to house all Duelists. Ghent and London were huge as well. We stopped in Ghent for the first time and we only received positive feedback on the city. London broke UK record yet again with almost 1.900 Duelists. For Milan we wanted to crack 2k again and almost made it: 1.945 Duelists is another new record for Italy. Thanks a lot for all your excitement and dedication and we hope to see you next year again!