YCS Milan 2019: Friday Venue Tour

30.11.2019 | 9:44 |
Even though the Main Event won’t start until Saturday, there are still a million reasons to come here on Friday. There are Public Events being run all day long where you can win prize points for our prize wall. You can even save up and acquire a former YCS prize card if you want to! You also have the chance to pre-register on Friday. As a little incentive we will hand out a random die for those pre-registering. And if you want to make sure that you are able to attend the event, we would advise you to do so. At London we hit the cap and some of the Duelists who tried to enter Saturday mourning couldn’t. In Milan we increased the capacity to 2.200 Duelists, so we won’t run into the same issue again. Please take a look at all the action of YCS Milan 2019.