YCS Milan 2019: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

30.11.2019 | 11:59 |
YCS Milan 2019 is another record-breaking event this year! Almost 2.000 Duelists entered the Main Event making this the biggest YCS ever in Italy. We even managed to beat last years record by 200 people. That's amazing! Thanks a lot for you enthusiams and interest in this amazing game! Want to find out what Duelists are running for Milan? Read on to find out!


Overall Deck Breakdown As expected, Orcust is the most popular Deck for this event. 227 Duelists decided to bring a pure version to this event. Sky Striker is surprisingly strong. After declining in popularity in London, it's recent success made a lot of Duelists pick up the Deck yet again. Adding the Orcust engine to Sky Striker seems odd at first, but the synergies are amazing. The Deck is a lot more explosive than a pure Sky Striker build, by giving up a little bit of consistency. Salamangreat and Thunder Dragons, coming in in 4th and 5th place, did fall a little bit behind. True Draco is still a viable Deck for this event. More than a hundred Duelists brought it to Milan.


Overall Country Breakdown Almost 50% of the whole field are Italians. This is amazing and shows the enthusiasm of Duelists from Italy. Thanks for showing up here in Milan. Germany is second with 315 Duelists in Milan and coming in third is France with a whopping 215 Duelists. We already knew that Germany is doing pretty well and are very happy to see that France is making a strong statement yet again. Switzerland is the big surprise this weekend with 111 people here in Milan. I'm personally happy to see 53 people from Austria.


Wow, another event with a very diverse metagame. There are four viable choices going into current events: Orcust, Sky Striker, Thunder Dragon and Salamangreat. These four Decks have been the most popular choices the whole year long, but relative numbers have been shifting. At the beginning of the year it was Salamangreat that was the most popular choice at YCS Dusseldorf as well as at Euros. At Ghent we witnessed a shift to Sky Striker anda Orcust. These two archetypes become increasingly popular throughout the year, with Sky Striker winning YCS London only a month ago. We’ll see how the field will pan out for this weekend. Stay tuned!