YCS Milan 2019: Saturday Venue Lookaround

30.11.2019 | 22:00 |

Day 1 of YCS Milan 2019 is in the books! We had almost 2.000 Duelists enter the event and after 8 Rounds of Swiss only 3 Duelists remain undefeated. All of them are in a great position for tomorrow to proceed to their ultimate goal, the Top 32.

On Sunday we will return for three more Rounds of Swiss before we cut to Top 32. All Duelists with 15 points or higher are allowed to proceed and play on. In the course of Day 2 Public Events are becoming more popular. So, should you like to enter one of the more popular ones make sure to be here in time. We will be hosting a lot of Public Events and the Dragon Duel tomorrow. So, even if you dropped out of the Main Event you still have a chance to keep on playing and enjoy yourself.

This is it with out coverage for Day 1 of YCS Milan 2019. Hope you enjoyed it! But, we won’t sign out without some impressions from Saturday.