YCS Milan 2019: Top 32 Deck & Country Breakdown

01.12.2019 | 15:08 |
After 11 Rounds of Swiss the Top 32 Duelists are remaining and will continue with the knock-out Rounds of this event. In this article we are going to take a look at the Top 32 Deck and country breakdown. Is Sky Striker Orcust still on top? Were the other Decks able to keep up? Read on to find out!


Top 32 Deck Breakdown For Top 32 numbers have changes yet again. This time it is Orcust Pure coming out on top with 9 Decks out of 32. In second place is Sky Striker Orcust with 7 Decks and coming in third is Sky Striker Pure and Salamangreat with 4 Decks. Pendulum and True Draco did surprisingly well this event.


Top 32 Country Breakdown Country-wise we have pretty widespread field. Italy is still the most successful country. Italians are in a league of their own in their home-country. Germany is still going strong with 5 Duelists in Top 32. The United Kingdom is third with 4 Duelists in the Top 32. Croatia did very well this time placing 3 Duelists in the Top 32.