YCS Paris – Coverage overview day 1

Here is a quick overview linking to all articles of our coverage of day 1 of the [ycs] Paris.

News & Updates
Introducing the Feature Match Theatre!
Round 4 is underway!
The Public Events have started
A look at the action from Round 1
YCS Paris will start any moment!
Welcome to YCS Paris!

Final Standings of Day 1
Standings after Round 7
Standings after Round 6
Standings after Round 5
Standings after Round 4
Standings after Round 3

Feature Matches
Round 8 Feature Match: Lukas Prinz vs. Mike Bittrich
Round 7 Feature Match: Bruno Brice vs. Nuno Ribeiro
Round 6 Feature Match: Dimitri Bellaiche vs Lormier Josse
Round 5 Feature Match: Leveque Benoit vs. Lionel Monfort
Round 4 Feature Match: Jan Jensen vs Bernardo Guerreiro
Round 3 Feature Match: Boyer Benoít vs. Vittorio Wiktor
Round 2 Feature Match: Merlin Schumacher vs Pavel Jakubec
Round 1 Feature Match: Raphael Lorenzi vs. Diego Badinotti

Deck Analysis
So what are the locals playing?
The Deck breakdowns of YCS Paris.
Merlin Schumacher’s “Dragunity Assault” Deck.
Diego Badinotti’s “Attack of the Worms!” Deck
Benedikt Junk and Lukas Calovini’s “EuroBeat” Deck.

YCS First Timers
A closer look at the Public Events!
A look at what’s going on in Round 8.
QQ: What are you looking forward to in Extreme Victory?
The Art of Side Decking
QQ: How did you get here?

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