YCS Paris – Coverage overview day 2

After two great days of Duelling in the French capitol [ycs] Paris has come to an end. Here is an overview with links to all articles that were published on day 2 of our coverage.

News & Updates
Stephan Sluis is the Winner of YCS Paris 2011
Top 4 players
Semifinal results
Young Duelist from Paris wins Dragon Duel
Top 8 players have been determined
Special Guest at Paris: Giant “Trishula”

Standings & Playoffs
Top 8 Playoff Results and Semifinal Matchups
Top 8 Playoff bracket
Top 16 results
Top 16 Playoff bracket
Top 32 Results
Top 32 Playoff bracket
Final Standings of YCS Paris
Standings after Round 9

Feature Matches
YCS Trial Final Feature Match: Thomas Cavaliere vs. Michel Co
Final Feature Match: Stephan Sluis vs. Tudor Mitchell
Semi Finals Feature Match: Stephan Sluis vs. Vincent Ralambomiadana
Top 8 Feature Match: Yohann Descamps vs. Peter Gross
Top 16 Feature Match: Jeremy Henrion vs. Tudor Mitchell
Top 32 Feature Match: Merlin Schumacher vs. Vincent Ralambomiadana
Round 10 Feature Match: Stephan Sluis vs Rocco Tamburlini
Round 9 Feature Match: Björn Schmidt vs. Romain Vaccari

Deck Analysis
The Top 16 Decklists of YCS Paris
Building on a Budget with Martyn Jones
The Top 32 Deck and Duelist breakdown.

Giant “T.G. Halberd Cannon” joins European Champion
Player Feature: Michael Ciplak reaches Top16 in all 3 European YCS events
QQ: Will you check out some sights?
Introducing Turbo Pack: Booster 5!
We have an ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD winner!
Hidden Arsenal 4 is rocking the Side Events!
QQ: Which deck will win this weekend?
A look at the action from Round 9
The Duelist breakdowns of YCS Paris.

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