YCS Prague 2017: Deck & Country Breakdown Day 2

19.03.2017 | 9:00 |

The best 320 Duelists of yesterday have returned to continue in Day 2 of YCS Prague. Players with 15 points or more were allowed to proceed.



Germany is still in the lead, but numbers have declined a lot. Italy is making a very strong showing. More than 1/3 out of the Italian Duelists made it to Day 2! The UK is still in third place and France overtook Austria and is in fourth place now.




Deck-wise numbers have declined, of course, but ratios haven’t changed a lot. The field was trimmed down with Paleozpic and Wind Witch changing places. Other than that there is no big surprise here. Metalfoes and Infernoid have a pretty high conversion rate. We’ll see how this will continue. stay tuned for our next breakdown for the Top 32.