YCS Prague 2017: Overall Deck & Country Breakdown

18.03.2017 | 11:04 |
We do not only provide you with Deck Profiles, Duelist Profiles and Quick Questions this weekend. One of our most popular parts of our YCS coverage is the Metagame breakdowns by Deck and country. Here are the numbers for YCS Prague!




German players are making a large impact here in Prague. There are a whopping 636 Duelists in competition today. Italy and the UK are a trailing behind. Me personally I'm very surprised by the high number of Austrian players in Prague.




It's all about Zoodiacs here in Prague. The engine made such a huge impact that you only had two choices: so you either go with the flow and add Zoodiacs to your Deck or you build a Deck that constantly beats the Deck. That'S one of the main reasons for the high number of Windwitch Decks today.