YCS Prague 2017: Top 32 Deck & Country Breakdown

19.03.2017 | 15:11 |

We have finally reached the Knock-Out Rounds of YCS Prague. Here are the Top 32 players by Deck as well as by country.

How the picture has changed going into Top 32: Italy is the most successful country right now with 11 players in the Top 32. That’s more than a third of the remaining Duelists. Germany is second and the UK third. Sweden is on par with Switzerland, France and the United States. Last but not least there is Greece with Themis Gyzkis as the only remaining Duelist.
The deck with the highest conversion rate by far is Infernoid Zoodiac. The deck started with 59 decks and now there are 7 of them in the Top 32. Paleozoics are making a strong showing yet again. Combined there are 9 decks in Top 32. Zoodiac also brought nine decks into the Top 32. The big surpise here is Shiranui. I guess nobody expected Shiranui to do that good! But will it be enough to take them all the way to the finals? We will find out in a few hours.