YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

26.11.2017 | 8:40 |
Day 2 has already started. These are the Duelists still having a shot at Top 32. Check out the Deck & Country Breakdowns for Day 2. Deck Breakdown Day 2 small


The Deck breakdown proves the strength of SPYRALs. The Deck has the highest conversion rate by far. 40% of the current field is SPYRALs. All of the other Decks are trailing behind. The second best Deck is still Trickstar accounting for 41 Decks and Pendulum Magician with 30. Both Decks having a far lower conversion rate than SPYRALs. All the other Decks are below double digits.


Country Breakdown Day 2 small


The most succesful country at YCS Prague still is Germany. Almost 45% of the field are German Duelists. Italy is second best and UK in third. Of the top 3 countries Italy is the country with highest conversion rate of almost 32% showing the dedication of Italian Duelists yet again.