YCS Prague 2017 Vol.2: Deck & Country Breakdown

25.11.2017 | 12:16 |

We know how much you guys like our statistics and metagame breakdowns for the European YCS. For the first part of this weekends coverage we would like to provide you with the overall Deck & Country Breakdown for YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2.

Deck Breakdown small[abstand]
SPYRAL are still the deck to beat. 254 Duelists decided to run SPYRALs for YCS Prague. Trickstar and Pendulum Magician are going almost head to head into this event with 147 and 135 decks respectively. Invoked and True Draco are also in competition with reasonable numbers.[abstand]

Country Breakdown small[abstand]
Germany will be hard to beat this YCS. More than 50% of the Duelists at YCS Prague are hailing from Germany. Italy is second with 108 Duelists in competition. All the other countries are way below triple digits: UK is third with 61 Duelists and Austria is making a strong showing yet again in Prague with 52 Duelists in the Main Event.