YCS Prague: Technical issues regarding written coverage.

01.03.2015 | 19:24 |

Good evening everyone.

I hope you’re all enjoying the {stream} at the moment and have been following the written coverage throughout the weekend.

You may have seen that we were super active yesterday, posting video links, interviews, standings and everything in between. Today has been less active however, and this post is to explain why and what happens next.

Shortly before the Top 32 Playoffs began, we started to experience some technical issues with the coverage page due to extremely high traffic. Articles were not loading quickly and we were struggling to publish additional content. Then the page went down for a while. Our technical team has been working extremely hard and have made great progress so far.
Currently, everything is online, however we cannot upload images to add to new posts.

As our content is very image driven, this is an issue for us. Rather than publish content that we are not happy with in terms of the quality we know we can provide, we will not be providing more written updates today.

Instead, when we know everything is back to normal, we will upload the remainder of our written content (about 10-15 articles). This will happen over the coming days.
As always, thank you all so much for following our event coverage. Please head on over to the {stream} to watch the Final of YCS Prague, and check back here in a few days for the remainder of our written coverage!