YCS Prague: The Decks & Duelists of the Top 32

01.03.2015 | 18:35 |
Apologies for the delay in written updates this afternoon. Some technical issues are giving us a little trouble with the backend of the coverage page but things are slowly getting back to normal now. Expect a lot of updates once we're back up to speed. Getting back to YCS Prague however, let's take a look at the Top 32, and what the breakdowns look like!  
Duelist Country Deck
Valens Leteurtre France Burning Abyss
Carmelo Buttiglieri Germany Burning Abyss
Giorgio Dascal Italy Burning Abyss
Patrik Rieder Austria Nekroz
Tuncay Oelmez Austria Nekroz
Kristoffer Nielsen Denmark Nekroz
Ali Kadouh Germany Nekroz
Alpay Engin Germany Nekroz
Jamal El Moutaoikil Germany Nekroz
Max Froevel Germany Nekroz
Michel Gruner Germany Nekroz
Muci Izci Germany Nekroz
Niclas Leichnitz Germany Nekroz
Piran Asci Germany Nekroz
Soner Güngör Germany Nekroz
Tom Viergutz Germany Nekroz
Davide Strazzullo Italy Nekroz
Denis Beqiri Italy Nekroz
Fabio Polito Italy Nekroz
Francesco Bellantone Italy Nekroz
Luca Chetoni Italy Nekroz
Luca Di Pietro Paolo Italy Nekroz
Marcello Barberi Italy Nekroz
Matteo Bordoni Italy Nekroz
Tadej Zinreih Italy Nekroz
Jake Quinsee United Kingdom Nekroz
Carl Manigat United States Nekroz
Amine Antar France Qliphort
Niklas Lindroth Sweden Qliphort
Pitai Meyer Germany Qliphort
Marco Acerbis Italy Qliphort
Chris Bowes United Kingdom Qliphort