YCS Rimini Tech Update

30.08.2015 | 12:20 |
A new format is always a chance to innovate. The Forbidden & Limited List changed the metagame only slightly but it was the release of Clash of Rebellions that had a huge impact on card choices here in Rimini. Check out what the players came up with! Walking through the top tables watching games we spotted quite a few tech cards, most of them being out of Clash of Rebellions some are also being quite old.


ret c


Retaliating "C" is one of the new cards that turned out to be a popular Side Deck choice. It serves two purposes: slowing down the opponent as well as searching a hand trap like Maxx "C". It payed off big time for the Kozmo players in competition.




With Turbo Towers being a real threat at the moment, players had to try and find a way to handle Apoqliphort Towers. One efficient way to get rid of it is to fuse it with a Cyber Dragon to Summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. I even saw players siding into Elemental HERO Prisma to find the Cyber Dragon quicker. What a cool idea!


ghost ogre


Another Side Deck option is Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. The card has been around for a few months now but only saw an increase in play lately. It's a valid Side Deck option against all those permanent trap cards that Qliphort is playing and, of course, a great out to Qliphort Scout.




Mistaken Arrest is one of the cards out of Clash of Rebellions that was hyped before the release. I guess people thought I would replace Mistake at some point. We spotted some players siding it, but it seems like it failed to make an impact at this event. Mistake is still the go-to floodgate to stop Nekroz.




Overall the biggest surprise was the big impact of the Performage engine in the metagame. Performages seem to be everywhere. They are splashed into Shaddoll as well as Nekroz being responsible for the rise of popularity of Number 104: Masquerade. The card has been around for a while but failed to gain attention. Suddenly the card is quite easy to Summon and a great tech choice against Nekroz since it stops Nekroz of Valkyrus if you want to go for game.




Last but not least a card from Battle Pack 3 seems to gain popularity: Typhoon. It’s one way to handle a Qliphort Scout and stop Apoqliphort Towers from hitting the field. Chaining it to Wavering Eyes can be a devastating blow to any Qliphort player. As usual there is a lot of innovation going on. These tech cards are crucial to give you the edge over your opponent. So it really pays off to invest time and energy to figure something out!