YCS Sheffield – Coverage overview day 1

Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Saturday of our live coverage from the YCS Sheffield.

News & Updates
Welcome to YCS Sheffield!
The Number of the Day: 573!
The Public Events at Sheffield
Final Standings of day 1

Standings & Pairings
Pairings for round 1
Pairings Round 2
Pairings for Round 3
Pairings for Round 4
Standings after Round 3
Pairings for Round 5
Standings after Round 4
Pairings for Round 6
Standings after Round 5
Pairings for Round 7
Standings after Round 6

Feature Matches
Round 1 Feature Match: Georgia Heath vs. Pete Ward
Round 2 Feature Match: Matt Goodridge vs. Callum Bilbe
Round 3 Feature Match: Rohan Patel vs. James Swannie
Round 4 Feature Match: Michel Grüner vs Duncan Tang
Round 5 Feature Match: Rodrigo Togores vs. Adam Goddard
Round 6 Feature Match: Patrik Rieder vs Daniel Jackson
Round 7 Feature Match: Hanif Moradi vs. Thomas Morrissey

Deck Analysis & Strategy
It’s Deckbuilding time!
Mike’s Battle Pack Deck
PJ’s Battle Pack Deck
Player Interview: Pete Ward

YCS Sheffield Judge Meeting!
From Ice Hockey Rink to Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Tournament
Let’s look at the prizes!
QQ: What Would You Want to See in a Sequel to Battle Pack?
A look at the action from Round 3
Where’s Obelisk?
A Look at the Action in Round 4!
A giant birthday present for Daniel
QQ: What’s your favourite card from Return of the Duelist?
QQ: What’s the Best Card in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed Play?
A look at the action from Round 7
Here’s Obelisk!

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