YCS Sheffield – Coverage overview day 2

09.09.2012 | 18:46 |
Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during Sunday of our live coverage from the YCS Sheffield. News & Updates Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Sheffield Final Standings of YCS Sheffield Top 8 Player Profiles Final Matchup Public Events Top Playoffs awards two players with YCS prize cards Standings & Pairings Pairings for Round 8 Pairings for Round 9 Standings after Round 8 Pairings for Round 10 Standings after Round 9 Pairings for Top 32 Playoffs Pairings for Top 16 Playoffs Pairings for Top 8 Pairings for Top 4 Feature Matches Round 8 Feature Match: Ollie Hickey vs Simon McGoldrick Round 9 Feature Match: Ping Xiao vs. Seb Tym Round 10 Feature Match: Christian Edlbauer vs Will Bryant Top 32 Feature Match: Peter Gross vs. James Martin Top 16 Feature Match: Luke Smythe vs Claudio Kirchmair Top 8 Feature Match: Dan Nelson vs. Bradley Craig Top 4 Feature Match: Luke Smythe vs. Rodrigo Togores Drafting Duel: Duncan Tang vs Abid Arshad Finals Feature Match: Rodrigo Togores vs. Peter Gross Deck Analysis & Strategy Deckbuilding Profile: Ping Xiao Drafting Battle Packs with Duncan Tang Other Our Judges are getting ready. QQ: What are you looking forward to in the coming months? A look at the action from Round 9 As promised: More Public Events action! QQ: What Was the Coolest Play You Encountered This Weekend? Check Out the Action in Round 10! A look at the action from Top 32 What’s Going on in the YCS Trial? Dragon Duel Public Event just decided Top 16 Duelists in Action! Newly un-forbidden giant card heading for Newcastle 2nd giant card for Michel Grüner