YCS Sydney 2017 Champion Interview – Michael Duke

We’ve come to the end of the YCS! After competing against just over 1,000 Duelists, we have your new YCS Sydney Champion!

Champ Michael

Michael Duke is a Sydney local who won the [ycs] using his Metalfoes Majespecter Deck after 2 long, gruelling days of competition. We managed to catch up with him after the awards ceremony to ask a few questions about the event!


What made you come to Sydney?

[quote][b]Michael:[/b] “I’m a Sydney local, so it was pretty close for me. Since we only get one YCS a year and it’s easily our biggest event, there was no way I could miss it. I always wanted to top a premiere event, but this time I managed to win the whole thing!”[/quote]

What gave your Metalfoes Deck the edge in this event?

[quote][b]Michael:[/b] “I used 2 [fmf fus], and a lot of people played only one in favour of other cards. I could use two copies to my advantage for this reason and always had one more Metalfoes Fusion Monster to summon as a result.”[/quote]

How well did you expect to do in this event?

[quote][b]Michael:[/b] “I expected that I’d be able to get to the Top 32 and then lose straight away, but I just kept winning! It was a great feeling.”[/quote]

Any final words?

[quote][b]Michael:[/b] “Huge thanks to everyone at Gametraders MacArthur and all of my friends and family!”[/quote]

Another final congratulations from us to you as well, Michael. We hope you’re excited to be crowned the new YCS Sydney Champion! If you’d like to see the awards ceremony from the event, you can check that out here!


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