YCS Sydney 2017: Father and Son Interview

[ycs] events attract people from all over, and you can find all sorts of people at these events! Ian & Josh Martin are a father and son who’ve made the trip from Orange, New South Wales to come to Australia’s premiere [ygo] event! While Ian isn’t playing, he’s happy to be here and support his son Josh playing in the main event. We asked them a few questions about [ygo] and more; here are their answers!


[b] How long have you been playing [ygo] for, and why did you come to the event?[/b]

Josh: I’ve been playing [ygo] for 12 years, but I only started playing competitively last year. This is my first YCS, but I like [ygo] so it’s going to be good.


[b]What are your expectations for the event?[/b]

Josh: I expect to see a lot of Metalfoes and ABC Decks! It’ll be a fun weekend. I’m not here to win, I’m just here to play [ygo] and have fun!


[b]What Deck are you playing in the event, and what’s your favourite card in the Deck?[/b]

Josh: I’m playing a Darklord Deck today. I love [b]Archlord Kristya[/b]! It’s such a powerful card. I’m also an Agent player so it’s nice to use [b]Archlord Kristya[/b] in this Deck too.


[b]What Deck do you think will win the main event?[/b]

Josh: (laughs) Metalfoes are definitely going to win!


[b]Ian, if you’re not playing in the event, what will you be doing this weekend?[/b]

Ian: I’m here to support Josh, but it might end up being a long day. I can always go sightseeing and take a break from the event for a while if that’s the case.


Thanks for talking to us Josh and Ian, and best of luck to Josh in the main event!

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