YCS Sydney 2020: Award Ceremony

16.01.2020 | 14:28 |
Another YCS Sydney is done and dusted. The event occurs once a year so players need to make the most of it. Regardless of how they do, players generally have a lot of fun at this event  and it is well received. Top 4 Picture   Although all Top 4 players were from Sydney indicating that a home turf advantage may be real, it was Corey Ganje from Bondi Beach who was able to take out the tournament with his Sky Striker Orcust Deck. He chose to stick with a Deck that was irrefutably considered the best Deck for the event and played it with expertise. He built the Deck to a total of 53 cards which is a strange number but worked out for him. Runner up was Joven Garcia who has been in this game for less than a year, starting his journey by purchasing 3 Structure Deck: Soulburner from his local retailer and has not stopped playing the Deck since.  In third place is Yury Milenkov who adopted to play a Deck which he loves and nobody else considered - Endymion Mythical Beast Pendulum. We can see from these two players you do not necessarily need to be playing the perceived best Deck to perform well, sometimes you just need to play to your strengths. Lastly in fourth place is Kodai Okamoto who was undefeated throughout the whole tournament up until his Top 4 Match where his Deck unfortunately failed to perform as well as it did. Congratulations to all our Top 4 Duelists! We hope you enjoy your prizes and we hope to see you all at the next YCS in Australia.