YCS Sydney 2020 Deck Breakdown

744 Players have entered into this event, but what are they bringing to the tournament? Here are the notable decks being played at this event.


True Draco Sky Striker (18)

HERO (22)

Sky Striker (24)

True Draco (25)

Pendulum (26)

Altergeist (26)

Thunder Dragon (38)

Salamangreat (49)

Orcust (157)

Other (365)

As we can see here, Orcust is definitely the deck to beat. With over triple the representation of the next common deck, you’re sure to see a lot of Orcust matches around so players better have practiced the mirror match. With no surprise, Salamangreat is the next most common deck being fairly popular as a deck to beat Orcust. Other decks all hover around the same play rate. Of the 157 Orcust decks it’s good to note that 106 of them are just used with Sky Striker cards and the other 45 utilise both Sky Striker cards and cards such as Scrap Golem as an additional tech choice. In the Other category there is  a wide variety of decks with some notable ones including Madolche, Magical Musketeer, Cyber Dragon, Gren Maju Da Eiza, Subterror and Infernoids. But with all this, what deck will come out on top?

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