YCS Sydney 2020 Top 32 Deck Breakdown

The Top 32 Play Off at YCS Sydney 2020 is about to commence and I’m sure everyone is keen to see how dominant of a force Sky Striker Orcust was. Others might be interested in what unexpected strategies managed to sneak their way in. Here’s a look at what deck’s are being played in the top 32 of YCS Sydney 2020.

Sky Striker Orcust 19

Salamangreat 4

Pendulum 2

Thunder Dragon 1

Sky Striker True Draco 1

Sky Striker 1

SPYRAL Orcust 1

World Chalice 1

Altergeist 1


As expected Sky Striker Orcust would be the deck to beat in top cut taking over half the spots. It’s good to see some less seen decks such as the Infernoid, World Chalice and SPYRAL decks all being previously featured. What deck will win? Stay tuned to find out.

YCS Top 32

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