YCS Sydney – Coverage Overview

19.01.2014 | 17:23 |
YCS Sydney has reached its conclusion, congratuations to our new winner! Here are all of the articles that were posted for this event; have a read and enjoy! News & Announcements: Welcome to YCS Sydney: Day 2! Welcome to YCS Sydney: Day 1! YCS Sydney - Day 1 Standings
Feature Matches: Final Top 8 Top 32 Round 9 Round 7 Round 4 Round 1
Public Events: Giant Card Winner #2! Giant Card Winner #1! Sunday's Win-A-Mat Winners!
Other Updates: Anders Koh's Karakuri Deck A look around the Venue Round 3's Top Tables
The concludes the action from Down Under. If you attended the event, we thank you for making it a roaring success, and if you missed out, we hope to see you at YCS Berlin!