YCS Sydney II – Saturday Venue Look Around

The event is warming up here at YCS Sydney, and we’re well into Round 2 at the moment. Let’s take a look around the venue and see what cool things there are on offer at the event!

First, let’s take a look at the venue. The event is being held at the ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park, in the aptly named Millennium Room. Here’s a photo taken as Duelists just began entering the room:


And here’s a photo of the room at the start of Round 1!

Round 1!

At the last YCS in Sydney, there were 2 Giant Cards available. This time, there are 3! Say hello to Vulcan the Divine, [dante], and [dr xyz]!

Giant VulcanGiant Dante













Giant Xyz Dragon

Here’s the Feature Match table! The lucky Duelists chosen for Feature Matches get to play using the [ascension] playmat, which looks fantastic.


We’ll take another look around the venue tomorrow, as there will be even more cool stuff happening over the weekend!

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