YCS Sydney II – Top 32 matchups

14.12.2014 | 2:55 |

With 10 rounds of Swiss in the books we now enter the knockout rounds of YCS Sydney II.

Here are the pairings for the Top 32 round at this event. From this round on it is winner takes all and loser can try again next time.

Tsui, Steven vs McCavitt, James
Chiew, Timmy vs Morrissey, Lincoln
Huang, David vs Neville, Jayden
Nelson, Ryan vs Arroita, Kyle
Ritzau, Jonno vs Cunningham, Kane
Davey, Alexander vs Shaw, Glen
Kosc, Nathan vs Toohey, Peter
Parle, Oliver vs Wang, Michael
Mitrothanasis, Panagiotis vs Bentley, Jordan
Conduit, Zac vs Newland, Ben
Weidemann, Carl vs Dai, Xiaoyu
Gaoxiang, Le vs Holding, Nicholas
Spadaro, Jackson vs Chi, Louis
Madera, Michael vs Doyle, Kezza
Vu, Daniel vs Mattiske, Chris
Sum, Robin vs Italiano, Dominic