Sunday Win-A-Mat Winners!

19.01.2014 | 14:17 |
Day 2 of YCS Sydney is here and the Win-A-Mat tournaments are well under way! We have a ton of awesome Game Mats for victorious Duelists to choose from, some of which have never been available outside of Europe! This makes the mats extremely collectible, and extremely attractive memorabilia from the event! We’ve had a few winners so far, and here are some of your winners so far!
Kevin Tran won his Win-A-Mat tournament, and selected the Prophecy-themed Game Mat!

Logan Brailey bested the competition in his Win-A-Mat tournament and also walked away with a YCS Sheffiled Game Mat, featuring Breaker the Magical Warrior!

William Jonathon Mulyadi won his Win-A-Mat tournament and also chose a Breaker mat as his spoils of victory!

Charlie Huang won his Win-A-Mat tournament, walking away with an awesome Egyptian God Card Game Mat from YCS Brussels!

Ehren Holland came first in his Win-A-Mat tournament, and has an awesome YCS Sheffield mat to prove it!

Luke Jamieson won a fantastic Kite and Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon mat after winning his Win-A-Mat tournament!

Joshua Hole walks away with a Prophecy-themed mat after winning his Win-A-Mat tournament!
These Duelists have beaten their competitors to claim these awesome mats for themselves, and there will definitely be a lot more happy Duelists winning Game Mats as the day goes on!