YCS Toulouse – Coverage overview day 2

15.04.2012 | 18:45 |
Below you can find an overview with direct link to all articles published during day 2 of our live coverage from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Toulouse, France. News & Updates Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Toulouse Top 8 Profiles And the Finalists of YCS Toulouse are… YCS Toulouse Dragon Duel Champions! Day 2′s Main Event Wrap-Up Pictures of the Award Ceremony Standings & Playoffs Standings after round 8 Final Standings of YCS Toulouse Top 32 playoff pairings Top 16 playoff pairings Top 8 playoff pairings Pairings for Top 4 playoff round Feature Matches Round 8: Joel Nguyen (Dark World) vs. Pierre Breuil (Ninjas) Round 9: Vincent Ralambomiadana (Dino Rabbit) vs. Ronny Reitz (Inzektor) Top 32: Luigi Alici (Inzektors) vs. Bernardo Guerreiro (Dino Rabbit) Top 16: Rodrigo Togores (HERO) vs. Dennis Verspeek (Wind-Up) Top 8: Peter Gross (Chaos Dragon) vs. Jean-Francois Celentano (Dark World) Semi Finals: Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit) vs. Max Van Nijverseel (Inzektor) Finals: Peter Gross (Twilight Dragons) vs. Jack Bruun (Dino Rabbit) Deck Analysis & Strategy Deck Analysis: Christian Passalacqua’s Inzektor Rabbit Who’s playing what in the Top 32 The Top 32 Deck & Duelist breakdowns of YCS Toulouse (+more!) Deck Profile Martin Sonne’s Gustos Top 32 Decklists Other QQ: How did you get here and who are you with? We have a GIANT CARD winner! Round 8′s Top 10 Tables Judges gearing up! QQ: What was your toughest matchup? A look at the action during the Top 32 Duelist Diary Update #3 Our first YCS Toulouse WCQ Regional Winner! A look at the action during the Top 4 We have not 1, not 2, but 3 ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD Winners!