YCS Toulouse Dragon Duel Champions!

15.04.2012 | 16:51 |

Here are our top 4 Dragon Duelists, after defeating several others they emerged as our champions for this event!

Coming out on top in first place Mathieu Labbe walks away as our champion for today’s Dragon Duel!

Our winner for the event!

In a very close but just falling short of the first place in Second Place is Kyrian Said.

Our very close runner up!

Next in line we had a great showing from Tom Carnier securing Third place

An impressive 3rd place finish!

Last but not least our fourth place Dragon Duelist Guillaume Messac!

Our 4th place invitation winner!

These 4 Duelist will now go on to compete in the Dragon Duel European Championship in Milan, where they will each have a chance to duke it out to decide Europe’s 2 representatives at this year’s first ever Dragon Duel World Championship.

Congratulations to these Duelists!

YCS Toulouse Dragon Duel Champions!