YCS Toulouse Dragon Duel Champions!

[p]Here are our top 4 Dragon Duelists, after defeating several others they emerged as our champions for this event![/p]

[p]Coming out on top in first place Mathieu Labbe walks away as our champion for today’s Dragon Duel![/p]

Our winner for the event!

[p]In a very close but just falling short of the first place in Second Place is Kyrian Said.[/p]
Our very close runner up!

[p]Next in line we had a great showing from Tom Carnier securing Third place [/p]
An impressive 3rd place finish!

[p] Last but not least our fourth place Dragon Duelist Guillaume Messac![/p]
Our 4th place invitation winner!

[p]These 4 Duelist will now go on to compete in the Dragon Duel European Championship in Milan, where they will each have a chance to duke it out to decide Europe’s 2 representatives at this year’s first ever Dragon Duel World Championship. [/p]
[p]Congratulations to these Duelists! [/p]
YCS Toulouse Dragon Duel Champions!

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