YCS Trial Winner

27.10.2018 | 12:34 |

We have our first Public Event Winner of YCS London 2018! It is Eteeyen Ita from Germany. Eteeyen entered the YCS Trial on Friday to see how his Deck would do under real life circumstances. Obviously, he did very well. Check out his interview!




Name: Eteeyen Ita
Age: 18
Country: Germany, Dortmund
How do you feel right now? I feel great! It feels so nice to take home great prize like a Giant Card evem before the Main Event has started. I picked Gold Sarcophagus, because it was one my favourite cards in the past.
Why did you play in the YCS Trail? I entered the YCS Trail to test my Deck for the Main Event tomorrow. The opportunity to win a Giant Card was another incentive to enter this particular event. I always wanted to win a Giant Card and finally I did.
What Deck did play today? Thunder Dragon! The Deck was very good, I only lost one game during the whole event. Of course, I will run the same Deck for tomorrow.
Any last words? Shoutouts to my Team Baltic Broadbulls, our local Auenland Dortmund, E-Man Games, especially Erkin and “fantastische Welten” in Rostock.