YCS Trial Winner: Themistoklis Gkyzis

07.09.2014 | 18:00 |
Public Events have been occurring all weekend. One of the most anticipated is the YCS Trial where the winner gets their flight and accommodation to an upcoming European YCS provided for them.



Tell me a bit about yourself:
My name is Themistoklis Gkyzis; I'm 20 and from Athens in Greece. This weekend I played a Deck I call Greek Chaos Shaddolls. I use two Armageddon Knight and two Mathematician because the Knight is much better with Soul Charge.


What did you have to play against in the YCS Trial?
In the first round I had to play against Alpay Engin with his Shaddolls. After that I had to play against a Ritual Deck, two Tellarknights and a mirror match in the final against Claudio Kirchmair. Alpay and Claudio were both really good sports so a big mention for them.


Any good plays in the Trial today?
In the final round in one turn I Summoned El Shaddoll Construct then loaded my Graveyard with five Dark Monsters and an Red-Eyes Wyvern; used Black Dragon Collapserpent to get my Dark Armed Dragon and Xyz Summoned Daigusto Emeral. That let me shuffle two of my Dark Monsters back in to the Deck and Summon my Dark Armed Dragon, attack and then destroy my own Extra Deck monsters so that he couldn't use his Shaddoll Fusion.


When will you be using your flight and accommodation?
I was so excited for the YCS events in London and Milan that I booked them already so I will be going to one in early 2015. I am really hoping for one in Greece at some point but will be there wherever it is!