YCS Turin – Coverage Overview

01.12.2013 | 19:37 |
Last Updated: 19.37 Here are all of the coverage articles we have posted for YCS Turin. Have a read through and enjoy! News & Announcements Welcome to YCS Turin! Welcome to Day 1! Welcome to Day 2! The number of competitors… 1324! Looking Ahead – The YCS Sydney Game Mat! The YCS Turin Game Mats! Pictures from the Awards Ceremony
Feature Matches Round 1: Wytze Kluitenberg (Battlin’ Boxers) vs. Lucas Lancelot (Dragon Rulers) Round 2: Fabio Minicozzi (Spellbook) vs. Paolo Mirto (Fire Fist) Round 3: Davide Bellocchio (Dragon Rulers) vs. Sami Kumpulainen (Noble Knights) Round 4: Luigi Alici (Dragon Rulers) vs. Chris Bountaloudis (Evilswarm)! Round 5: Ivan Eliantonio (Madolche) vs. Marco Zerbinati (Geargia / Karakuri) Round 6: Bruno Mikkila (Constellars) vs Kimonas Tsitsiridis (Inzektors) Round 7: Federico Pastore (Infernity) vs. Mattia Messa (Dragon Ruler) Round 8: Joshua Schmidt (Dragon Ruler) vs. Martin Francis (Hieratic) Round 9: Alpay Engin (Dragon Rulers) vs Lorenzo Susini (Dragon Rulers) Round 10: Matej Jakob (Geargia) vs. Stefano Barbieri (Dragon Rulers) Round 11: Vincent Ralambomiadana (Dragon Rulers) vs Jake Quinsee (Evilswarm) Top 32: Chris Bountaloudis (Evilswarm) vs. Samuel Pedigo (Geargia) Top 16: Konrad Grunewald (Dragon Rulers) vs Luca Chetoni (Dragon Rulers) Top 8: Jan Oliver Gross (Dragunity Ruler) vs. Aris Samaras (Evilswarm) Semi Finals: Konrad Grünewald (Dragon Ruler) vs. Joshua Schmidt (Dragon Ruler) Finals: Samuel Pedigo (Geargia) vs. Konrad Grünewald (Dragon Ruler) Saturday’s ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Final
Standings Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 (End of Day 1) Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 (End of Swiss)
Playoff Pairings Top 16 Top 8 Top 4 Final
Picture Galleries Registration begins! Round 1 Round 3 Round 7 Round 8 Round 10 Round 11 Top 16 Final Saturday's Public Events Sunday's Public Events
Top Tables Round 2 Round 4 Round 6 Round 9
Deck Profiles YCS Turin – Show off your Deck to the World! Deck Analysis: Wytze Kluitenberg’s Battlin’ Boxers Deck Analysis: Raphaël Hauser’s Bustling Bujin Deck! Deck Analysis: Nino Zimmermann’s Ghostrick Mansion Deck Analysis: Kimon Tsitsiridis’ Bug Collection Deck Analysis: Marco Perico’s T.G. Trap Tricks Dustin Sembach’s Bujin Deck
Duelist Profiles & Interviews The Brotherhood of the Van Camps Globetrotter Kyojun Hino YCS First Timers from Italy! Kaiba’s apprentice John-Michael Papagni
Strategy Content Day 1 Metagame Breakdown Day 2 Metagame Breakdown Top 32 Metagame Breakdown Top tech picks for YCS Turin
Quick Questions How did you get here? What was your Highlight of 2013? Tell us your best Bad Beat Story What tech cards are you using to give you the edge? What was your toughest matchup this weekend QQ: What anime card would you like to see in the TCG?
Public Events Public Events Roundup! We have our first ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner! We have a Madolche Regionals Winner! Our first ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner of Day 2! Andrea beats the Competition in Dragon Duel! Marco Baldovin wins the third ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Here is your last Foil Giant Card winner of the day! Patrick Hoban wins YCS Trial The Blackship of Corn stays in Italy! We have the GIANT ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner of YCS Turin We have Public Event Playoff Winners!
Other Content A YCS History Lesson Round 8: The Mega Feature! Behind the Scenes: The Feature Match Area! Looking back at 2013