YCS Utrecht 2018: Deck & Country Breakdown Day 2

23.09.2018 | 9:24 |

Round 11 is about to start. The best 398 Duelists of Saturday were allowed to keep on playing for Day 2 of YCS Utrecht. Take a look at the metagame breakdown of the remaining Duelists at the 200th YCS.


Deck Breakdown Day 2


Sky Striker is leading the pack with 148 Duelists still in competition. That’s 37% of the overall field and far ahead of the competition. The Deck has the highest conversion rate rising up from 18% to 37%. True Draco is coming in second with 11% and in third is Altergeist with 9%. True Draco rose to second place, whereas Altergeist remained unchanged. Trickstar lost one point of percentage. They started with 9% and ended up having 8% of the field in Day 2. Let’s see how Top 64 will look like.


Country Breakdown Day 2


Germany is still in the lead, although they were dropping a large number of Duelists. Overall, they kept 37% of the starting field. Coming in second is Italy! Out of their 119 Duelists in the starting field, they managed to place 59 Duelists in Day 2. That’s roughly 15% of the field and the best conversion rate of all other countries. The Netherlands, that were second at the start of Day 1, dropped to 5th place in Day 2.