YCS Utrecht 2020: Day 2 Deck & Country Breakdown

23.02.2020 | 8:14 |
Welcome back to YCS Utrecht. Day 2 is about to start and we would like to present you the Deck and country breakdown for the remaining Duelists.


Deck Breakdown Day 2


SPYRAL is the expected strong contender for this event. After 206 players entering the event, 71 are remaining. That's a whopping 34,5% conversion rate! Second most represented Deck is Salamangreat with 49 Duelists. Its conversion rate is 24,4%. Altergeist moved up to third place. 41 Duelists remain in Day 2, which amounts to a conversion rate of 25,5%. Dinosaur also made a big leap forward, starting with 141 Duelists, there are 35 remaining. Their conversion rate is 24,8%. In comparison to those Decks, Shaddoll Invoked and Lunalight are performing rather poorly. Their conversion rates amount to 15,4% and 13,5% respectively.


Country Breakdown Day 2


Country-wise Germany is doing pretty good so far. There are 163 German Duelists remaining. That's 17,4%. France moved up to second place. Out of 289 Duelists entering the Main Event, there are 57 remaining (19,7%). The UK is third with 38 out of 137 (27,7%) and Italy is fourth with 32 out of 109 (29,3%). Honorable mention goes out to Austria with the highest conversion rate of all countries in the chart. Of 29 Duelists on Day 1, 10 made it to Day 2. That's a pretty strong rate of 34,5%.